Which season should travel to Da Nang?

Located in Central Vietnam, Da Nang is a tropical monsoon region but not divided into four distinct seasons like the North, but only two main seasons: the rainy and dry seasons. Normally, the dry season in Da Nang starts from January to the end of July, while the rainy season lasts from August to December. The annual average temperature ranges from 25 – 26 degrees C and the temperature difference between negligible months.


Dry season

In the dry season, Da Nang has an average temperature of 25.7 degrees Celsius and sometimes can have cold air. However, this cold air is usually negligible and ends soon. In this season, Da Nang’s air humidity is low, rainfall is low and the climate is hot due to the influence of Lao winds.

Hot season

In April to August, this is the peak tourist season in Da Nang and Da Nang. The temperature is now ideal for tourism because of the beautiful sunshine, less volatile weather and fewer storms. Therefore, going to Da Nang on this occasion will be suitable for outdoor entertainment activities, swimming, picnic, climbing … So if you intend to travel to Da Nang on this occasion you book in advance to avoid a case of fire prevention in high season.

In addition, it is also possible to choose the package of Da Nang tour package for peace of mind for your travel without worrying about running out or cutting down.

Rainy season

In contrast, Da Nang in the rainy season is a time of heavy rain and an average rainfall of 161.4mm / month. How much is Da Nang right now is an average of 25.5 degrees C. Especially, from about October to December is the rainy season, the sea fluctuates strongly and there are frequent thunderstorms. Therefore, if you intend to travel around this time in Da Nang you need to consider carefully.

When to go

When planning to travel to Da Nang, people often care about which season is appropriate, Da Nang temperature of that time to prepare utensils. Arriving in Da Nang, the most suitable time for travelling is from January to July, especially February to May. At that time, Da Nang is in the spring, not cold and not too hot as in the summer. Da Nang temperature at this time is about 23 – 8 degrees Celsius, so it is suitable for sightseeing, travelling and swimming.

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