Top 5 activities at night when traveling in Danang

# 1: Hoi An

Discovering Hoi An at night is an extremely interesting experience that you absolutely must not be missed when coming here.

Some extremely interesting Hoi An night experiences you can refer to when traveling in Hoi An.

  • Walking around the old town to watch lanterns together
  • Discover the beauty of Hoai River
  • Take a boat to drop flower lights on the river
  • Discover Hoi An night market
  • Enjoy Hoi An cuisine
  • Join the folk games
  • Sitting to enjoy tea and coffee
  • See the sea at night.


When the sun set down the colorful lanterns that were gradually lit, Hoi An ancient town at this time was dressed as a sparkling, sparkling and brilliant shirt.

The capital was peaceful and poetic, but right now the lanterns were hung high above, putting all the way in, creating an extremely romantic feeling.


On this side of the river is Bach Dang street with rows of Hoi An ancient houses located on the river, which are lit with many golden light lamps and hanging red lanterns to create a quiet and gentle feeling.

On the other side of the river is Nguyen Phuc Chu street here, which is more bustling because of the concentration of many shops, to attract more tourists, the lights in the shops are decorated with all colors.

Being considered Vinice a romantic city in Italy because all the lights of the houses and shops on both sides have dropped into the Hoai River, creating a romantic and romantic scene of Hoi An at night.


A traditional feature of Hoi An is that every 1 and 14 days, the lunar calendar full of lunar month people will drop flower lights on Hoai River. Especially in Hoi An on the full moon night, all streets will turn off the lights, only light lanterns, if you have the opportunity, you should definitely come to sit on the boat to drop the lanterns, watch the peaceful and extremely romantic old town in the lantern.

The lanterns are made of colorful handmade paper, crafted by extremely skillful craftsmen, in the middle will have a small candle. Each flower lamp is priced between 10,000 VND and 50,000 VND. In the folklore of a lantern or a flower, each lamp is a prayer of health, good fortune and fortune, a prayer of peace.

With the price of about 100,000 VND, you can sit on a boat down slowly on the Hoai River while dropping the light of the flower light and watching the ancient town of Hoi An at night sparkling with lights, not only that you can hear the boatman telling Listen to historical stories.


After walking around the old town watching lanterns, watching Hoi An Bridge, sitting on the boat dropping the lanterns on the Hoai River, there is another place you should explore right away is Hoi An night market.

The street market at Nguyen Hoang night market is about 300m long, which is open every day starting at 17h00 to 23h00, you can go shopping with nearly 50 booths displaying handicrafts, souvenirs, products from craft villages such as Thanh Ha pottery , Hoi An silk village , … there are also stalls lining up selling beautiful lanterns.

Along the Hoai River, there is also a night market, which is the Cong Nu Ngoc Hoa night market located on 4 routes of Bach Dang, Tran Quy Cap, Hoang Van Thu and Tieu La. At the market there are many street restaurants right on the riverbank, selling specialties, there is nothing more interesting when you have just enjoyed good food, you can watch the river, watch people pass by.


When Hoi An at night starts to light up, the streetside shops start to “catch fire”, sit in affordable street vendors, and also enjoy food but also watch Hoi Hoi.

Choose for yourself a light dish such as tofu, coconut lotus tea, covered tea, bean, sweet potato, especially corn tea made from famous Cam Nam corn, to enjoy the best corn tea you should on corn color from March to the end of September

After that, you can enjoy specialties such as mixed mussel cake, this is a very attractive snack in Hoi An, mussels are captured for clean processing and then sauteed with fried onions, minced garlic, chopped laksa leaves. Wet meat rolls, hot grilled meat on the charcoal stove, rolled with soft wet cakes, served with raw vegetables, rolled all dipped into a bowl of sweet and sour sauce extremely attractive.

The banh beo is added with flour to a small cup, the bread is mainly from shrimp and meat.


Hoi An ancient night has folk games at the beginning of the street Nguyen Thai Hoc or Kazick park to join in the bustling and fun atmosphere of games such as roundabouts, blindfolded niêu, sing the hut song…


After a while walking around the old town, experiencing a very meaningful activity that is sitting on a boat slowly dropping flower lights down the Hoai River, then joining in the folk games, your feet start tired and you find a country shop to rest.

Below I will suggest some shops for you to help tea or oder a cool drink to refresh but also see how Hoi An night view shimmering at night .

Hoi An at night to eat

Hoi An Glut:

Address 150 Tran Phu, with only 10,000 VND, you have right on hand a cup of cool lemon grass herbal tea, surely this herbal tea will help you dispel fatigue, you just drink The first sip will be refreshing. Packed in an environmental paper cup that makes it easy to hold, the plus point is that instead of using a plastic straw, the bamboo straw shop is on the cup, decorated with a lotus flower and a green tea leaf. A glass of water that is both beautiful and delicious like this one you should definitely try when coming to Hoi An.

Faifo Coffee:

Along on Tran Phu street, located at number 130, Faifo Coffee is a very hot name that young people visit the shop to “hunt for photos” with “expensive” rooftop view that can see the whole street. In ancient Hoi An, the shop is an old house, the shop is painted yellow, the doors and tables and chairs are all black and brown, although many visitors come to the shop but the shop is still quite quiet. This is definitely a great place for you to watch lanterns from above.


Located at 16 Nguyen Thai Hoc, the shop has a green garden next to the fish tank. Decorated very artistic and eyecatching with materials from bamboo, here you can freely check in “live virtual”.


Besides the old town, you can go to Cua Dai beach, sit and relax under coconut trees, on the white sandy beach, take in some fresh air, hear the whispering of the sea life, because it is only 5km from Hoi An center so you can rent a motorbike or bicycle to the beach or take a taxi for about 10 minutes to get there.

At night, Cua Dai beach is also brilliant in the lights, coming to the sea you can enjoy dishes from extremely fresh seafood. Hoi An at night, when the street is up, there are many interesting experiences, not boring at all as people think.

# 2: Asia Park – Asia Park

Asia Park is a leading amusement park in Da Nang. Owning a large space of about 98ha, Asia Park has become the most attractive tourist destination of the city.

Asian parks are open from 15:30 to 23:30 every day of the week. From only 150k – 200k / ticket, you can have fun at the outdoor amusement park, explore the cultural park with many architectural works, miniature art symbolizing 10 Asian countries. Currently, there are promotions for tourists in the central region with a preferential price of 50k / ticket.

# 3: Marina Marina

Recently, a very beautiful place makes young people go crazy to converge to check in as if they were in the West. That is the beautiful Marina marina.

The most attractive is probably the statue of “Carp transforming into a dragon” designed from the image of a Singapore sea lion. Come here to see the poetic Han River, enjoy the delicious food and do not forget to take yourself photos “so deep”.

# 4: Dragon Bridge Danang at night

Surely when learning about Da Nang tourism, you will hear about this famous bridge, because it is like a new symbol of tourism here. When walking on the Dragon Bridge, you will have to admire, admire the design and size of the winding dragon, about 500m long and under. You should go and admire the Dragon Bridge in the evening because at that time, the bridge lights up, the colors of the sea are constantly changing very beautiful!

You can drink coffee or enjoy ice cream at the Marina Marina bay and see the sightseeing of Dragon Bridge.

# 5: Visit the “legendary” bridges

Da Nang is a prominent night, beautiful and “beautiful” by bright bridges across the Han River. Visitors will be fascinated by the shimmer and splendor of Quay Bridge, Dragon Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, Thuan Phuoc Bridge, Nguyen Van Troi Bridge or Love Bridge. Dragon Bridge is one of the famous symbols of Da Nang city. With a unique design, the image of a giant dragon spraying water, spraying fire every weekend makes visitors excited and impressed. Dragon Bridge changes color continuously, sparkling, extremely beautiful. If you want to see Da Nang city at night, this place is definitely an ideal destination.

Not as bustling as Dragon Bridge, Han River Bridge brings a more mellow beauty. Walk slowly and enjoy each cool breeze, take some memories, peace is here.

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